Tax & Accounting services

When it comes to establishing business organizations in Russia, one of the main challenges is to free up management time for strategic and operative decisions, leaving administration functions in the hands of professional experts.

On the Russian market, where the regulatory environment is rapidly evolving to cope with international standards, and the business practices are still young, it is vital to choose a reliable partner to prevent potential risk exposures arising from improper accounting or tax non-compliance.

More than this, communication in the field of accounting and financial administration is more challenging in Russia than in most parts of the world for a number of reasons: language skills, different business cultures, different accounting systems, different reporting sets, etc.: Carnelutti fills these gaps, by combining together accounting, taxation and law expertise with a consulting edge in one firm.

Our clients benefit from receiving, not just a bookkeeper, but an integrated administration team, with a dedicated key account manager: this ensures that every client gets proper attention and high quality service, with a significant value added-input to his operations