Paolo Barrotta
Finance Director
Paolo Barrotta has a decade of international experience in corporate finance, gained between France, Luxembourg, and Russia, working in the field of valuations, M&A, audit, accounting, and financial analysis.

Paolo’s career began in 2012 in Luxembourg, in a Canadian multinational based in Luxembourg as an "EMEA Financial Controller". Paolo then worked three years in a “Big 4” in the Corporate Finance department, operating in the M&A/appraisal sector on behalf of many European companies, banks and funds.

Since 2017 Paolo works in the Russian Federation, in Moscow. He served as Finance Manager and later on as CFO of an international investment fund.

Paolo has outstanding financial analysis, reporting, budgeting/forecasting, audit and IFRS, and Russian accounting. In addition, he knows the valuation sector deeply with the cash flow method, market multiples and transaction multiples. He also has excellent corporate finance expertise.

He holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Lyon (INSA-Lyon) in France and a master’s degree in Financial Engineering from EMLyon in France. He is bilingual in Italian and French and speaks fluent Russian and English.