Litigation and arbitration procedures

Our absolute priority lies within strengthening of our professionalism and energy accumulation with the aim to resolve controversial issues all around the world as quickly and effectively as possible, eliminating all risks and assisting our clients both in out-of-court fases and fases of litigation.

Our assistance regards resolution of disputes concerning:

  • Preliminary analysis of the documents relating to the dispute
  • Assistance in collection of the related evidence kit
  • Preliminary assessment of the prospects for a resolution of the dispute through the courts
  • Reconciliation
  • Preparation of writs and incorporation documents to be presented in court
  • Assistance in litigation fase and in all other court proceedings
  • Assistance in recourse and in appeals and in court proceedings
  • Assistance in legal ordinary and commercial court proceedings 
  • Assistance in administrative issues and in the area of the labour legislation
  • Partcipation and assistance in the sphere of excecutive procedures
  • Transactions