Client Services

Tax accounting

Our Tax & Accounting team provides professional services to overcome interconnection problems between accounting and tax administration and to ensure full compliance with the financial and accounting regulations imposed by current Russian law.

We analyze the state of the art of taxation in terms of current legislation, provide tools for theassessmentof tax risk exposure and deliver recommendations to adjust business processes while optimizing fiscal burdens. We refine and support the tax compliance cycle with solutions that enable the company to react on time to avoid a tax dispute. Our efficient and accurate solutions get from our international background and superior knowledge of local practices.

As a result, our client obtains comprehensive and cost-effective solutions in terms of tax planning, increasinghis competitive advantages to enable a stable and profitable growth.

In this context, we provide the following services:

  • Accounting and tax reports based on ordinary tax system (OSNO)
  • Accounting and tax reports based on simplified tax system (USNO)
  • Corporate income tax declarations
  • Property tax declarations
  • Value Added Tax (VAT) declarations
  • Unified Social Tax (UST) declarations
  • Pension and Social contribution declarations (Compulsory Pension Fund -PFR, Social Insurance Fund - FSS, Medical Insurance Fund - FOMS, Accident Insurance)
  • Annual personal income tax declarations of individuals (NDFL)