Restoration of accounting DB and process automation

All our work is based on our principles of know-how and experience matured “on the ground”. We first carefully identify the underlying issues and then we act and react.

This is how it goes step by step:

  • PRE-STUDY & SOLUTION ANALYSIS: work starts with a thorough analysis of the needs, aims and project goals in relation to the given circumstances. Expected results are mutually defined and a preliminary project plan is made, sharing budgeted costs and timing in advance with our client.
  • PLAN IMPLEMENTATION: work is performed according to clearly formulated and documented plans. Any delay / discrepancy versus planned results is promptly reported to the client and “workaround”,cost-effective solutions are quickly developed.
  • DELIVERABLES: work results are released and documented through verbal, numerical, or software deliverables.
  • TESTING, SUPPORT, MAINTENANCE AND CHANGE-MANAGEMENT: we constantly analyze, plan and back-test the aimed solutions (and its parts) in a pro-active way in order to provide flexible, long-lasting solutions. We assist our client through-out the entire project and afterwards with training and help-desk services, according to client's needs.