Tax optimization

Underestimation of the procedure of tax planning may seriously affect the flow of funds, increasing the risk of having to pay additional taxes, interest and fines, but also to face legal proceedings in matters of taxation provoking slowdowns in the production cycle.

Carnelutti staff combine their knowledge with personal experience in order to simplify the increasing difficulty in legal and tax in the Russian legislative base and find practical solutions tailored to its customers and the industries in which they operate.

Being commercially pragmatic, know well issues such as removal from double taxation, transfer pricing, the completion of formalities relating to import-export and customs, the 'direct and indirect taxation and, for this, we can give our customers effective advice on all aspects of tax planning and budgeting.

Carnelutti provides consultation sessions on the tax law and helps to resolve tax disputes through litigation. In particular, Carnelutti provides the following tax services:

  • Advice on choosing a tax system for foreign companies operating on the territory of Russia
  • Advice on the taxation of dividends and interest
  • Best strategy for plan fiscal optimization
  • Resolution of tax disputes through the courts
  • Minimization of wealth tax