About Us

The Firm

We are an independent law firm which operates in Russia since 2011.

We support innovation and growth of the Italian business. We assist Italian and foreign companies with the necessary advice to understand the legal landscape in order to achieve their investment objectives, enabling them to be entirely focused on developing their business in the Russian Federation and Central Asian market.

In the last ten years, our Firm has experienced constant growth in Russia, which allowed us to increase the volume of business year-by-year and consequently to employ skilled professionals.

We currently have on board about 40 professionals (highly qualified multilingual Russian and English/Italian, or both).

Excellent professional assistance is strictly combined with the skills and devotion of our team. Starting from law and financial academies, we meticulously monitor the market to hire the most skilled students and young lawyers, ensuring a pathway of professional growth through constant training, proper KPIs that exploit their potential.

The Style

Our goal is to add value, not unnecessary costs.

From day one, we trusted and proposed the integrated approach method. We structure the working groups together with our clients to set the best wealth of skills dedicated to each issue, optimizing time, resources and costs.

Our modus operandi requires that all document reviews are carried out by a team composed of lawyers, tax experts and accountants.

We know that efficiency plays a central role in business dynamics. Therefore, we are cost-effective, respect legal budgets and welcome the opportunity to explore alternative fee structures.

We work hard to maintain long-term partnership relationships.

Partnering with our clients is not just a slogan but our synthesis of quality, reliability, efficiency, passion, and innovation.

The Five Pillars

Quality, reliability, efficiency, passion, innovation

Quality: our legal know-how and attention to details, to meet or exceed our client’s expectations

Reliability: communication, empathy, and transparency so that the client from the first meeting fully believes in us

Efficiency: constantly be able to respect deadlines, reducing the number of unnecessary resources

Passion: always have this exceptional source of energy when we pursue our goal

Innovation: believing in challenges to create value both for the client and ourselves

The Synthesis

What our client benefits:

  • A personalized approach
  • The most cost-effective solutions
  • Maximum transparency and understanding of our billing procedures
  • Our unique and recognized relationships in the financial and institutional environments in Russia and CIS

Thanks to our commitment, mentality, and complete understanding of the com- panies’ development strategies, we have built a solid reputation that has been recognized by the Italian community and other European and Russian partners over the years.

Clients appreciate our ability to provide comprehensive professional assistance. Experience shows that this approach maximizes the benefits in terms of quality, efficiency and cost.

Partnering with us, our clients can approach the Russian and Central Asian markets on a global scale. We can grant our clients privileged access to the local business environment through our unique network, thanks to our proven reputation.