Client Services

Labor law

Our team can solve any labor law issue. Notably, we assist our clients in ensuring that processes of hiring, transfer, dismissal of personnel, or other corporate reorganization are performed in compliance with the applicable labor law.

Our services include, inter alia:
  • drafting of employment contracts
  • remuneration policies assessment and related contracts
  • job transfers
  • disciplinary proceedings
  • change in duties
  • individual and collective redundancies
  • resignation and consensual resolutions
  • social security and occupational safety
  • resolution of disputes both at the pre-litigation and judicial level
  • settlements
  • non-competition and confidentiality agreements

Our lawyers also have successful experience defending employers' interests in complex labor disputes, both in pre-trial settlement and in court.

We provide constant support in occupational safety, health issues, and work-related accidents, including but not limited to the preparation of the set of required supporting, documentation and audit of the relative documentation, thorough assistance in the relations with controlling authorities.